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About Us

“Im lucky because I get to work with my friends the staff at Bayview. ”
Ken Ringe, President of Bayview

Construction is not just about concrete, steel and lumber.

Its about people. Architects who turn ideas into functional form and innovative design. Tradespeople and artisans who move designs from concept to reality. And most important, clients whose hopes and dreams are sustained in what we build for them.

Bayview Construction is about the relationships between those people.

But we think its even more impressive that weve been doing business for many of those 30 years with a lot of the same people.

Architects we can depend on to make ideas work. Tradespeople and artisans we can trust to be on the job, on demand. And most important, clients we can count as partners in every project we produce, in every way.

At Bayview Construction, we build relationships.

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